We have experience caring for
    dogs, cats, chickens, other birds,
    donkeys, horses, goats, rabbits,
    guinea pigs, fish, etc.
en travel plans require leaving our animals behind, it isn't always easy to find friends or neighbours available to provide them the kind of ongoing care that we would prefer.

Most companion animals are happiest remaining in their own familiar surroundings when their people are away, and Island Animal Care provides the service to make that possible!

I've been house and homestead-sitting for islanders since 1993, ensuring that a wide assortment of animals are well fed, watered, exercised, medicated and cared for responsibly in the absence of their primary caregivers.

My partner Mike and I often work together as a team, and our overnite service provides an additional safety benefit to home-owners who appreciate not having to leave their abode unattended for any extended period of time. We are always happy to pick up the mail, make sure indoor house plants are watered, and to negotiate additional chores that may need attending to while residents are away.

We are sometimes booked well in advance during peak travel seasons, but are open to arrangements that vary from a day or two to several weeks at a time.

For your convenience, please click here for a handy check list to cover when arranging your time away!       

   About Us:

esides caring for companion animals, Mike Nestor is a wildlife advocate with many years experience assisting rescue organizations.

In Ohio in 1997 he founded Enviro-Mike, a compassionate animal control enterprise helping urban and rural home and business owners resolve conflicts with 'problem' animals humanely. From raccoons in the attic to mink bothering the chicken coop, Mike can help.

He is currently active with DIRA's Wildlife Committee and Denman Island MEOW (Make Every One Wanted), a grassroots initiative to help reduce the island's homeless cat population.

A number of years before relocating to BC, Mike co-founded Operation Felix in Ohio, one of the most successful spay and neuter programs in the United States today.
Fireweed's interest in animals has been lifelong, and she is an outspoken advocate on their behalf. In 1998 she founded Vancouver Island CAAN (Companion Animal Allies Network) in service of abused animals, and among other activist initiatives is also a co-founder of Denman Island MEOW (Make Every One Wanted).

As a photographer she is available for animal portraiture -both the two-legged and four-legged varieties! (examples above and below) Island Animal Care is a part time activity for both Fireweed and Mike, who engage in a number of other livelihoods flexible enough to accommodate its responsibilities.


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